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Popov Vasiliy Petrovich, doctor of historical sciences, professor, sub-department of contemporary Russian history, Institute of History and Politics, Moscow Pedagogical State University (building 1, 1, Malaya Pirogovskaya street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The article is explore the main directions of historical thought of the last decades on the problem of collectivization of USSR agriculture. The goal is to acquaint the reader with the changes in the assessments of this complex political and economic phenomenon that have appeared in the Russian historical literature in recent years and which are still debatable.
Materials and methods. This research is based on the works of leading historians on this problem – V. P. Danilov, M. Levin, V. V. Kondrashin and others, documentary collections devoted to the problems of grain procurements and famine in 1932–1933. The method of comparative historical analysis is applied. However, the author believes that the ideological guidelines of Marxism, which underlie most of the works of Soviet historians, only complicate the problem.
Results and conclusions. According to the author, there is still no conception explaining the phenomenon of collectivization, and the prevailing points of view, considering collectivization through the prism of the modernization approach, also do not explain the course, the results, or the consequences of collectivization. In the author’s opinion, this is also hinders the scientific understanding of modern agrarian history of Russia. Politics always prevailed over the economy in the USSR: collectivization was conceived in order to finally solve the grain problem in the country, it gave rise to the collective farm system, which eventually became the main instrument of state policy in the village with the sole purpose of retaining political power in the country by the ruling communist party. 

Key words

collectivization, modernization, “Bukharin alternative”, collective farming, state capitalism, charter of agricultural farms, natural-geographical factor, famine 1932–1933, grain procurements 


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